Create and publish powerful offer paths, dynamic forms, and surveys using a simple interface.

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Create landing and squeeze pages, registration and opt-in forms using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Add forms, text, images, videos, iframes, custom HTML, and javascript.


Add or remove columns and control the header, footer, and overall structure of your page.


Easily modify fonts, colors, and other styles to match your brand.

No HTML Knowledge Required

What you see in the builder is what your visitors will see. Advanced users can still add custom HTML and modify the structure of the page, if desired.

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Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Ready

Pages and forms built using Impressure are fully responsive to device size, and work equally well on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

offers, forms and landingpages on a phone, taablet, laptop and computer
complex page list logic editor

Powerful Logic

Dynamically toggle form fields, content blocks, and pages, or trigger the submission of integrations.


Specify conditions based on form responses, URL parameters, cookies, geolocation, browser, device type, and more.


Control the path a user takes through your survey using any variable, including form responses.

Large Lists

Perform zip code or other targeting with large lists of up to 100,000 items.

Nested Conditions

Build complex, nested logic using a clear and simple interface.


Send form responses and collected data out of your survey in real-time.

zapier integration
google sheets integration
active prospect integration
leadspedia integration

Reporting & More

Automatically track and report on important metrics including uniques, pageviews, form submissions, and bounce rate. Use the funnel to understand where visitors leave your survey.

Custom Domains

Pick from several provided domains for your survey, or use your own custom domain.

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